A Special Sunday Syllabus: Today's Guide to Ignoring the NFL

Below you'll find some great and required NFL reading from around the interwebs, for all the time you will spend not watching football today. Dig in! » 12/07/14 10:34am 12/07/14 10:34am

You're an idiot. Torii Hunter's actual bigotry is not something that should be tolerated by society. Describing the destructive and oppressive hate directed towards a minority group as "an opinion" is total horseshit. Homophobia is no more a valid opinion than anti-semitism or racism — should we "tolerate" those… » 12/04/14 7:58am 12/04/14 7:58am

A Tip For Being More Awesome and Stuff Than You Already Are

This is a very sincere piece of advice to all of you, and I hope you will remember it before you post stuff on your Kinja page or here on Sidespin: if you think your post would fit in well on another blog or vertical or website or, really, anywhere, don't publish it on Sidespin until you've pitched it to that other… » 11/24/14 11:52am 11/24/14 11:52am