Basketball Podcaster Is Upset About Your Priorities

Look. The social media infatuation with Nick Young is stupid, insulting, and borderline cruel. The hoisting and prodding and applauding of Nick Young is not different from the upperclassmen at a kegger chanting some dipshit freshman’s name while the stupid idiot chugs what everyone knows to be much more alcohol than… »9/24/15 9:58am9/24/15 9:58am

A Tree-Hugging Guy's Thoughts On Big Game Hunting

In the most recent episode of Radiolab, producer Simon Adler took a long look at animal conservation efforts via the case of big game hunter Corey Knowlton, who made the news earlier this year after paying $350,000 to hunt and kill an endangered Namibian black rhino. Knowlton received horrible death threats and all… »9/21/15 11:36am9/21/15 11:36am

A Lame, Anonymous Guy's Thoughts on Heroes, Kayfabe, and Sex Tapes

An interesting thing to do with your brain is spend some time observing the intersection of sports and personal branding. Like, divorce those two things, temporarily—baseball is a sport, full stop; Derek Jeter (for example) is a man who played baseball, full stop; Derek Jeter is a famous and marketable personal brand,… »7/29/15 7:07pm7/29/15 7:07pm

What To Make Of The 2015 Atlanta Hawks

There’s a glass-is-half-full way of viewing the last few years of NBA basketball—probably more than the last few years, probably the last decade and a half—as a thrilling and historic ascendency of Western Conference basketball. Like maybe the consistent, remarkable genius of teams at the top of the Western Conference… »5/27/15 4:05pm5/27/15 4:05pm

A Lot Of Words About Sincerely Disliking Bill Simmons, The Writer

So, Bill Simmons. We’re past all the eulogizing (thank God), the criticism, the speculation (for the most part), etc. There was a mostly polite social media discussion about why, exactly, Bill Simmons is disliked by those who dislike his online presence, and, specifically, his writing. Since I consider myself among… »5/15/15 7:14pm5/15/15 7:14pm

A Dipshit Guy's Thoughts On The Rolling Stone Situation

It occurred to me this morning, for the first time ever, that there are no women in my life that haven’t suffered some form of sexual assault or rape. It’s not that long a list—it turns out I don’t really know that many people—but it’s long enough to mean something: my wife, my brother’s wife, my sister, my wife’s… »4/06/15 1:34pm4/06/15 1:34pm

Brady Hoke is Trying to Get a First Down

So, I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning, and, yeah, that was my first mistake. If there's a cooling core of dedicated journalism or critical thought hiding under a desk somewhere in a poorly lit broom closet in the basement's basement of ESPN, surely the farthest thing from it in the whole operation is First… »10/01/14 12:02pm10/01/14 12:02pm