I think it's important to also note that players' wives were barred from participating in important meetings regarding the NFL's ongoing concussion and post-concussion crisis, even in instances where the players themselves were too affected by dementia and CTE to participate themselves. » 7/27/14 12:12pm Sunday 12:12pm

This is a terrific movie. Kim Cattrall's character is a lot of fun, the villain is outstanding, and the stunt work stuff is a blast. And Kurt Russell is hilarious. I've owned this movie on VHS and DVD. » 7/26/14 6:54pm Saturday 6:54pm

That's the dumbest shit I have ever heard. You'd rather your home team enter the record books for the worst possible season of basketball than sign the best player in the world because of a TV show from four years ago? You'd rather watch 82 games of utter futility than just, you know, get over The Decision? » 7/12/14 11:59am 7/12/14 11:59am