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A Miserable Shitehawk Production
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A Comprehensive List Of All The (Mostly Dumb) Equipment In My Kitchen

Stuff I regularly use is in bold. Asterisks denote useless garbage.



Dinner knives

Steak knives*


Fillet knife*

Bread knife

10-inch chef’s knife

8-inch chef’s knife

6-inch chef’s knife

Sharpening steel (as if)*

Hand-held knife sharpener

Can opener

Vegetable spiralizer*

Icing spatula*

8-inch micro plane

6-inch micro plane*

Turkey baster*

Silicone basting brush

1-tablespoon measuring spoon*

1-teaspoon measuring spoon*

Metal slotted spoon

Carving fork

4-inch fine mesh strainer*

8-inch fine mesh strainer (metal handle)

8-inch fine mesh strainer (plastic handle)*

Lemon juicer

Garlic press*


Peeler (adjustable)


Ice cream scoop*

4-cup measuring cup

1-cup measuring cup*

1-cup measuring cup (glass)*

1/2 cup measuring cup*

1/3 cup measuring cup*

1/4 cup measuring cup*

Pizza cutter*

14-inch whisk

12-inch whisk

8-inch whisk

6-inch whisk

6-inch ergonomic whisk*


Stainless steel ladle

Plastic ladle*

Gravy ladle*

Stainless steel tongs

Silicone tongs

Grill tongs

Slotted wooden spoon

Rubber spatula (yellow)*

Rubber spatula (purple)

Rubber spatula (orange)

Rubber spatula (red)

Potato masher


Crab mallet (x6)

Skewers (wood)

Skewers (metal)*

Tenderizer mallet

Rolling pin

Box grater

Mandoline slicer

Fry basket

Plastic spatula*

Plastic slotted spatula*

Slightly smaller plastic slotted spatula*

Flexible plastic spatula (also pretty small)*

Grill spatula

Slotted grill spatula

Slotted fish turner

Pasta ladle*

Plastic serving spoon*

Salad fork (x2)*

Digital meat thermometer

Wood soup spoons*

Cheese slicer*

Cheese knives (x4)*

Paring knives

Wine stopper

Rice cooker

Silicone spherical ice-cube tray

Silicone large cube ice-cube tray

Ninja blender

Food processor


Air-fryer (don’t even ask)*

Soda stream

Mortar and pestle

Cocktail shaker

Rabbit wine opener*

Ice cream maker

Flour sifter*

Metal collapsible steamer basket*

Plastic 10-inch colander

Plastic 6-inch colander

Metal 6-inch colander

Set of icing tips*

Holiday cookie cutters*

Bundt cake pan

8-inch cake pan (x4)

Metal drying rack (x4)

Dressing dispenser*

Oil dispenser*

Quiche pan (x2)

Pie pan (x2)*

8-inch mixing bowl

6-inch mixing bowl

4-inch mixing bowl*

6-inch x 12-inch wood cutting board*

8-inch x 10-inch poly cutting board

12-inch x 18-inch wood cutting board

12-inch x 20-inch wood cutting board

14-inch by 26-inch wood cutting board

Digital food scale

Coffee grinder

French press


Hand mixer*

Hand-crank sausage maker*

Hand-crank pasta maker

Dutch oven

Cast-iron pan

Ceramic coated cast-iron pan*

12-inch non-stick fry pan*

8-inch non-stick fry pan*

Ceramic 6-inch fry pan*

Non-stick sauté pan*

All-clad stainless steel sauté pan

8-inch non-stick sauce pan*

6-inch non-stick sauce pan*

Ceramic 6-inch sauce pan

Ceramic 4-inch butter warmer*

Stainless steel multipot*


14-inch glass baking pan (x2)

Ceramic casserole


Cookie sheet

12-cup muffin pan

12-cup mini muffin pan

30-cup silicone mini muffin pan*

6-cup muffin pan*

Silicone muffin cups (x6)*

Roasting pan

Spice rack*

One-tier spice turntable


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